Right now I`m working on:

There`s always a job to do. But without an antenna life is boring (;-)). I worked North- and South America with that simple "set-up".

1. Checking the hustler mobile whip system on top of my car. Already made some EU QSOs. Trying to improve the ground connection to the car.

2. To become a little more activ on 2m / 70 cm I just bought a Diamond X50N and a D-Star ID51Eplus by ICOM. I fixed it on top of the pipe holding the dipol.

It`s done. To explore the D-Star world and to keep myself up to date, I ordered an ID51E. Connected to the X50 I can reach DB0DMB in a distance of only 5 km using 100 mW. I already made a few nice QSOs via D-Star. Really fascinating technology!

26 years of developement by ICOM. The IC32E I bought in 1989 (52 pages manual). The ID51E bought in 2015 (104 pages basic manual and 408 pages advanced manual).