I like paper QSLs!  And I`m looking forward to receiving your card!


Because I`m not a member of the German DARC I have no access to any kind of QSL bureau.

Therefore I send and receive only direct QSLs. I always include at least 2 "green stamps". But sadly they "disappear" in some countries. In such cases, I try to use Paypal to pay the postage. That system works fine and offers me a return rate of about 98 %.

If you want to sent your QSL to me:

From Germany, please use 62 ct on your SASE (self addressed and stamped envelope = adressierter und frankierter Rückumschlag).

From the "rest of the world" please use SAE (self addressed envelope) and include one "green stamp". Please no IRCs.

If you don`t like to put money in the envelope, please send me an email (see "contact me") and I will give you my Paypal address.


At the beach of the south coast of Cyprus: 5B/DB1LI. Antenna is a Buddistick.