My ham radio station

As you can see, my set-up is really simple. I`m using:


Icom IC 7200 as main TRX on HF 80 m to 10 m

Icom IC 703 for mobile and portable operations

Yeasu FT 817ND for holiday and portable operations

Icom IC32E hand held for 2 m and 70 cm

New: Icom ID51Eplus hand held for 2 m and 70 cm

Kenwood TR 9000 FM/SSB/CW for 2 m (my first TRX)

SDR RX Funcube dongle pro +

Tuner AT502 by (automatic controlled and true balanced)

Master Keyer MK1 by Ham Gadgets

Schurr Profi 2 (modified) and Kent double paddles

Headset Heil Pro Set Plus


No amplifier in use.

My antenna is a 13 m doublet dipole, about 8 m above ground and 21 m above sea level. Using the parallel tuner I can operate ervery band from 80 m to 10 m. It`s doing a good job for EU but I have made also a lot of QSOs around the world. Up to now I have worked 141 DXCCs (confirmed) using that small antenna.

Very small paddle by Palm Radio

The German Junker key

CW is my favorite mode. Nearly 100 % of my QSOs are in CW. I think it´s the best choice when using low power and small antennas.