Ham radio, my favorite hobby

It all started with a hand held CB radio in 1978. I got my ham radio licence in 1982 at the age of 15. First, I started on VHF in SSB using a 9 element yagi on the roof. Power was restricted to 75 W but it was good for DX up to a bit more than 2000 km. Tropo, E sporadic, meteor scatter, aurora and satellite operation was possible.

In 2007, I started to learn CW. It has been a long and still ongoing way. And it has been fun from the first day!

Our house and yard allows only a small antenna and so CW seemed to be the best mode.

Today I´m working on the WAE (worked all europe) and another goal is to reach the DXCC 200. For collecting DXCCs or bands I do not use contests or cluster information. I do it the old fashioned style: Search the bands up and down and looking for interesting stations. And I`m still using my paper log.

Sometimes I`m taking part in contests. I`m also interested in IOTA, lighthouses, castles, WWFF, SOTA/GMA and /mm stations.

Kent double paddle

Kent single paddle (not in use)